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Room Change Request


Residence Life and Housing Services are committed to providing a supportive and educational environment for all residents in the residence halls. There may be times when a resident's living situation becomes challenging due to issues with the resident's roommate or the community. Changes are not guaranteed and are generally based on availability of space and on a first-come, first-served policy. Residence Life and Housing Services encourage residents to resolve differences and to grow through the roommate experience. Residents may be asked to work with university staff to mediate roommate disputes before a room change is permitted.

For administrative reasons, there is a period at the beginning of each semester during which room changes will normally not be considered in order to verify occupancy and identify vacancies. In addition, it is the philosophy of Residence Life and Housing Services that continual room changes are a disruption to the formation of strong and healthy communities. Therefore, room change requests will be reviewed and approved when it is reasonable to do so.

Use the fields below to submit your Room Change Request. Please remember that requests to change rooms are not guaranteed.  Your request will be reviewed and a staff member will contact you within three business days.  Please do not change rooms (including swapping with another individual, or moving to an empty room within your suite/apartment) without prior written approval from a staff member.

If a room change is approved, the resident will be given information that details the actual process of moving rooms. In general, residents are expected to complete room changes within 72 hours. After the room change has been successfully completed the student's account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in room cost for the new assignment. In addition, any damages discovered upon check-out from the original assignment will also be billed to the student's account.

Please refer to the Residence Hall and Dining Services Agreement and to the policy on room changes for more information regarding room changes.

Questions regarding room changes during the academic year can be sent to your current Community Director.

If you are interested in a single room, then please use the link found here


Statement of Understanding

  • I understand that I am responsible for the terms and conditions of my Residence Hall and Dining Services Agreement, which is binding for an entire academic year.
  • By completing and signing this request, I am stating that I have read and understood the information outlined above.
  • I am aware that submitting this request does not guarantee that my request will be approved. 
  • I understand that I cannot move until provided with written permission to do so by a Residence Life or Housing Services staff member.
  • I understand that if my request is approved, that approval is final. I will be required to move by the date/time specified to me by Residence Life or Housing Services staff.
  • I understand that, if my request is approved, my student account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in room cost for the new assignment (i.e. the nightly rate). This rate will be based on the date I check out of my original space.  If I move to a more expensive room type, I will be responsible for those additional charges.
  • I understand that if my request is approved, and I do not move by the specified date/time, my room change offer may be rescinded.
  • I understand that if my request is approved, and I do not return my keys to my original room by the specified date/time, I will be billed for a room/suite recore.

If you understand this information and would like to continue with your request, please click on the link below and fill out the information: 

Room Change Form