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Residence Hall Information

The residence halls at Catholic University are divided into five residential neighborhoods based on geographic location and student population. An overview of the residence hall neighborhood structure can be found below. Community information can be obtained by clicking the neighborhood links on the left menu.


Residence Halls

Residence Hall Office (RHO) Location & Phone

Professional Staff

Centennial Village

Quinn, McDonald, Unanue, Camalier, Reardon, Engelhard Walton and Magner

Camalier House

(202) 319-5720

Frank Schleimer


Central Neighborhood


Caldwell, Gibbons Hall, & Seton Wing


Gibbons Hall

(202) 319-5850

Amy Love

North Neighborhood 1 

Millennium North & Millennium South

Millennium South

(202) 299-2500

 Victor David

North Neighborhood 2 

Flather, Regan, and Ryan Halls

Regan Hall

(202) 319-5740

 Allison Mockler

Opus Hall

Opus Hall

Opus Hall

(202) 299-2882


Mat Maddatu























To view the layout of residence halls across campus, please visit the university map.

Residence Hall Offices (RHOs) are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the academic semesters.