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Weekends @CUA

The offices of Campus Activities, Campus Ministry and Residence Life as well as Program Board, have come together to provide fun events for students every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night. Visit or to see what is happening this weekend!

What is CU Saturday?

Every Saturday, Residence Life provides a fun, social opportunity for students. these events are hosted by the RAs in each neighborhood and can take place on or off campus. Traditional favorites include Battle of the Bands, Cardinal Weekend Bonfire and the Weenie Roast.

Where is CU Saturday?

CU Saturday events are hosted by each of the residential neighborhoods on a rotating basis and some events may take place off campus. Please see the schedule of events for more information.

How much does CU Saturday cost?

CU Saturday is generally a free event for students when held on campus. Some off campus activities may require a small contribution toward participation costs. Students will be responsible for public transportation fares when activities take place off campus.

Who can attend a CU Saturday event?

Events are open to all CUA students and members of the campus community. Events are targeted to the full student population, not necessarily the population of the neighborhood hosting the event.

Where can I find out about these events?

Residence Life will advertise the locations of events each week. Please feel free to look in the following places for regular updates: